The role of robots in agriculture and the benefits of using them can be better understood by comparing the related numbers and statistics obtained by different organizations. Rising fossil fuel prices, labor shortages in agriculture, rising labor wages in many developed and developing countries, the need for close monitoring of fertilizer and chemical pesticide usage, increased production oversights, the difficulty in preserving financial capital, the vast amount of environmental pollution, and human injuries, etc. are among the problems that the presence of robots in the agricultural industry could be a solution to.

Robogol (Flower Robot) is a robot designed to work in greenhouses to identify and harvest flowers. Its main duty is to monitor the greenhouse, control pests and diseases, and harvest flowers. With minor changes in its software and hardware, it can be used for other products such as cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, etc. Furthermore, the robot’s platform can be used to move equipment inside the greenhouse. One of its major strengths is that this robot does not require predefined rails or paths to move between rows inside the greenhouse; thus, making more use of the space between the rows.